About Me

I was born in Washington DC and have lived in Maryland all of my life, from the mountains of Hancock to the eastern shore and many places inbetween.

I have always been a crafter, trying one thing after another. When I found glass in 2005, my search was over. There are so many things you can do with glass that I will never become bored. I got started by visiting my local library and borrowing everything they had on working with glass. My branch didn’t have much so I searched the county library website and had them ship books from other county branches to my local branch. Yes, they do that for FREE! After a lot of consideration I began with Stained Glass. Armed with all of my new found knowledge I decided that the Tiffany, copper-foil method of stained glass was the route I would go. I bought myself the basic tools, a glass cutter, a roll of copper foil, flux and solder, some scrap glass from my local glass shop, a used grinder purchased on eBay and a soldering Iron I borrowed from my husband. I picked a pattern I liked that was all straight lines and jumped right in. I had made my first piece. The next day I sat back down and made the same piece again using more coordinated colors. I was amazed how much I had improved from piece #1 to piece #2. I was loving it and I still love it today.

After about 8 months of working in stained glass I found myself thinking about the other glass arts and what else I could do. The colors and textures in glass are so amazing, I couldn’t get enough. I have had a passion for Dichroic glass jewelry for many years and have collected many beautiful pieces. I picked up my first piece in Aruba back in 1995. I had never seen anything like it. To this day I get comments and questions every time I wear it. I headed back to the library and began to read all of the books they had on fusing glass. I did some on-line research on kilns and talked to some local shops. I settled on the Paragon Quick Fire 6. I bought from a local shop rather than on-line in order to have their support. It was worth the few extra dollars to be able to call or stop by and ask questions if I had any. They proved a great resource and were happy to help. At the same time I bought a 5 lb. jar of scrap fusible glass. I headed home with my new toys and couldn’t wait to fire it up. After working on my own for a couple of months, I signed up for some basic fusing classes. I wanted to understand the science behind it all and see what I might learn that I hadn’t in my books and through experimentation. There is SO MUCH to learn and so many ways to create art from glass. There is a lifetime of learning and I’m in for the long haul.

When I go into my studio I lose all track of time and forget about anything that may be troubling me. I LOVE GLASS in all it’s forms, and know I will be working with it for the rest of my days.

God Bless,

Lisa Fairbank
Fledgling Glass Artist

  contact: info@firelightartglass.com    |    410.741.1022