About Me

I was born in Washington DC and have lived in Maryland all of my life. I've been all over the state including Hyattsville, Lanham, Kent Island, the mountains of Hancock, Annapolis and finally Harwood where I live with my husband of 32 years, Eric. He is so supportive of my "hobby" creating frames, displays, tools, and whatever else I ask for. He has also been so tolerant as his tools have slowly migrated from his toolbox in the garage to my basement studio. Thank you Babe!

In my career I was a system admin for computer servers for 18 years. I started at the Naval Academy after High School and after 6 years I quit and went to private industry; first in a small company in Bethesda then to EDS working as a contractor for the INS HQ in DC. In 2000 I took a system administration job as a contractor for General Motors. It was a brand new high-availability manufacturing plant in White Marsh MD. There were only 5 of us there to manage the plant's IT systems. I took the position for one reason, I wanted to change careers and they allowed me to learn all I could about managing the network (routing, switching, wireless) while doing my sys admin duties. Within 3 years we had gone through 2 network guys. I was doing both jobs and after the 2nd left they took a chance and gave me the job. I stayed there until 2010 when I was offered a job with GM on the Global Network Management team where I supported GM Mfg plants all over the world. This allowed me to work from home and Life was Good! This was so important because I suffered with chronic back pain and could no longer drive to White Marsh each day and sit at a desk for 8 hours, day after day and carry the equipment out to the equipment platforms throughout the plant. This was such a blessing that came at a perfect time. Because I worked with people all over the world, it didn't mater what hours I worked as long as I got my job done. I have since had to stop working and can be an artist whenever 'Life is Good' to me.

I have always been a crafter, trying one thing after another. When I found glass in 2005, my search was over. There are so many things you can do with glass that I don't think I will ever become bored. Some of the handmade glasses are so beautiful I can't even bear to cut them. I've used some to make beautiful light fixtures. I got started in glass because I wanted to add some privacy to the sidelights on either side of my front door. I visited my local library and borrowed everything they had on working with glass. This was before YouTube and my branch didn’t have much on the topic. I searched the county library website and had them transfer in books from other county branches. Yes, they do that for FREE! I decided that the Tiffany, copper-foil method of stained glass was the route I would go. I bought myself the basic tools for less than $100; a glass cutter, a roll of copper foil, flux and solder, some scrap glass from my local glass shop, found a used grinder on eBay for just $25, and borrowed a soldering Iron from my husband. I picked a pattern that was all straight lines and jumped right in. I made my first piece! The next day I sat back down and made the same piece again using more coordinated colors. I was amazed how much I had improved. I was loving it and I still love it today.

After about 8 months of working in stained glass I found myself thinking about the other things I could make with glass. I have had a passion for Dichroic glass jewelry for many years and have collected many beautiful pieces. I picked up my first piece in Aruba back in 1995. I had never seen anything like it and to this day I get compliments and questions every time I wear it. I headed back to the library and began study the books on fusing glass. I did some research on kilns and settled on the Paragon Quick Fire 6 purchased from a local shop vs. on-line in order to have their tech support. It was worth the few extra dollars to be able to call or stop by and ask questions. They proved a great resource and were happy to help. At the same time I bought a 5 lb. jar of scrap fusible glass. I headed home with my new toys and couldn’t wait to fire it up. After working on my own for a couple of months, I signed up for some basic fusing classes. I wanted to understand the science behind it all and see what I might learn that I hadn’t in my books and through my own experimentation. I've since taken a number of fusing classes and purchased books on so many different techniques. As for the stained glass, I've never taken a class, it all came from the library and practice, practice, practice!

Since that first little kiln I've purchased 2 others, one larger than the last. There is SO MUCH to learn and so many ways to create amazing art from glass. I LOVE GLASS in all it’s forms, and hope I will be able to work with it for the rest of my days.

In addition to sharing photos of my work here on this website, I post photos and events to my FireLight Art Glass Facebook page. I'm a full-time vendor at the Anne Arundel County Farmers Market participating in the Saturday morning market from April-December, 7am-noon. I'm a member of the Muddy Creek Artists Guild and participate in Spring and Holiday art shows put on by a wonderful group of local artists who work in all different media types. I also participate in a few more local art shows each year. Check out my show schedule tab for more details.

  contact: info@firelightartglass.com    |    410.741.1022