Online Shopping

Because each piece I make is completely unique, it is impossible to maintain on-line sales in the normal fashion. I can not afford to have a separate inventory that never leaves the house for fear that I would sell the item at a show or party at the same time you were purchasing it on-line. If you see an item you like, please contact me. If I still have the item, it is yours; if not, I will happily create a similar item for you. I will also create a completely custom piece based on your requirements.

Where to Buy Locally

If you would like to sell FireLight Art Glass in your shop, please contact me.

Look for FireLight Art Glass on Facebook! I update it with recent photos and schedules often.

Free! Schedule a jewelry party in your own home! - Us gals love to shop for beautiful jewelry at great prices. Remember I use Sterling and 14K for my work. Everyone has a great time and you can get your favorite pieces for FREE! I also offer lots more than just jewelry. Check out the Gallery for some examples of my work.
For more information, contact me or check out my Party Incentives page.


  contact: info@firelightartglass.com    |    410.741.1022